Updated July 8, 2020


1.1 Why should I Pre Order an item?

Pre ordering an item guarantees you a slot for the chosen item. Cancellations can only occur if

1. Our orders were cancelled by the distributor due to lack of supply or manufacturing of the product was cancelled. Refund will be given if this situation occurs.

2. Failure to pay payment within 3 business days after completing your order will automatically cancel your order.


1.2 When will the item(s) I ordered arrive?

All items pre ordered will be coming from the States. 

For Via Air: ETA will be 2-3 weeks after on hand in States. 

For Via Sea: ETA will be 45-60 days after on hand States.

1.3 Will the item(s) I ordered arrive mint? 

All items shipped are packed well with our utmost care. We cannot guarantee a 10/10 box condition of an item since shipping and handling is out of our hands, but most items arrive in good condition.


1.4 Do I have to fully pay my pre ordered items?

We have both options for you to either fully pay now or only pay the down payment required upon checking out. 


1.5 What if I want to cancel my order?

1. We will automatically cancel your order after 3 business days have passed and still no DP was submitted.

2. Orders with down payment or full paid that you want to cancel will not be refunded


1.6 How will I know when my item(s) has/have arrived? 

We will contact you via email once your item(s) has/have arrived.

Note: Kindly provide an email address you use frequently. Our main communication is VIA EMAIL. Notification of an order will be sent VIA EMAIL.

1.7 How will I be able to get my item(s)?

Options for shipping or pick up will be provided upon checking out.


1.8 Is it possible for you guys to hold my items until my other orders arrive?

Holding period for regular customers that has already down paid/ paid will only be until 7 days right AFTER we have contacted you. 

For VIP customers we can hold your item(s) for up to 30 days right AFTER we have contacted you.


1.9 What will happen to my deposit? What if I fully paid for the item?

To those who have deposits no refund will be given if failure to claim the orders within the given days refer section 1.8. 

For fully paid customers there will be a 30 days holding period for your orders right AFTER we have notified you both VIP and Regulars.


1.9.1 Why did the release date of the item I ordered changed?

In most cases, we cannot really control and determine the exact release dates of pre ordered items. Only the manufacturer and distributors have the ability to control these release dates.

Note: Kindly provide your full name, contact number, and email address on your account so it would be easier for us to contact you once your item(s) have arrived.



2.1 Do I need to fully pay on hand items upon ordering?

Yes full payment is required for on hand items since these items are already with us and can be picked up or shipped whichever you have chosen upon checking out. We will contact you via text or email once your item is ready for pick up or shipping


2.2 Are all on hand items in perfect mint condition?

No. Not all on hand items are guaranteed perfect mint condition unless stated in the description. Although, most of the items are in excellent condition.

Note: Kindly provide your Full name, contact number, and email address on your account so it would be easier for us to contact you once your item(s) is ready for pick up or shipping.



3.1 Pick up at Poptopia Ph Iloilo Branch (Applicable only to Iloilo Customers)

If you choose this option upon checkout. Shipping will be consolidated with other orders and will be shipped every end of the month. Shipping take 1-2 weeks but sometimes it arrives much earlier. If you cannot wait or in a hurry please choose other options that is convenient for you.